A billion people don't have enough to eat.

SWFF sources and accelerates innovations that enable the production of more food with less water and/or make more water available.

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Drought Prediction Tool – CUT, Free State

Mozambique, South Africa, Kenya

WASTE Stichting – Circular Economy




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Water Research Expert Dr. Joseph-Sunil Helps Manage Water Innovations in South Africa

South Africa ranks among the top 30 driest countries in the world, with half the water in the country’s rivers and dams coming from only eight percent of the water source areas. It’s unlikely that anyone…

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The Global Shark Tank

By Dr. Ku McMahan, Team Lead, Securing Water for Food I think there are hundreds of Shark Tank-style investors around the globe with a social conscience, an eye toward a fair profit, and the ability…

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Women Empowered and Yields Increased Finds Researcher – Evaluator for SWFF

When poet Robert Frost wrote of taking the “road less traveled,” he was being figurative. But when Pooja Gupta traveled those muddy, winding roads uphill in India, it was a very literal mission. As a researcher…

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Young Evaluator Assesses Seed Innovation in Rural India

Robert Nylander had never visited India. He had never sat at an Indian farmer’s table or slept at the farmer’s home. He had never experienced monsoons or navigated over flooded roads. He has now –…

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Gender Equality: A Significant SWFF Accomplishment

A significant accomplishment of the Securing Water for Food (SWFF) Program, a worldwide effort of several government funding agencies, is improving women’s integration into agriculture in some countries. This is particularly true in India, Bangladesh,…

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Approximately 70% of women work in agriculture in low-income, food-deficit countries.

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