A billion people don't have enough to eat.

SWFF sources and accelerates innovations that enable the production of more food with less water and/or make more water available.

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WASTE Stichting – Circular Economy


Integrated Aquaculture and Crop Production – SkyFox Ltd

Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone

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SWFF TA Facility Seeks 2019 Spring Semester Virtual Intern

Washington, DC — The Securing Water for Food (SWFF) Technical Assistance Facility, a global, government-funded incubator-accelerator that serves SWFF innovators, seeks applications for its 2019 Spring Semester Virtual Internship, a position that provides a valuable, real-world…

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SWFF Innovator ICU – Peru Publishes Project Video

Securing Water for Food Innovator ICU – Peru supports small and medium-sized agricultural producers with an Irrigation Scheduling System that gives real-time information through smartphones and tablets on how to irrigate fields. The technology –…

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SWFF Seeks M&E Field Evaluators (Graduate Students)

SWFF is seeking Monitoring & Evaluation Field Evaluators (graduate students) to conduct in-country, field research with a SWFF innovator using SWFF established guidelines and research questions. The ideal candidates will have a background in water,…

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SWFF Program Exceeds Expected Outcomes: 2018 Annual Report

Today, Securing Water for Food released its 2018 Annual Report. The program has exceeded the expected outcomes envisioned when it was created and recently had those outcomes validated by the Final SWFF External Program Evaluation….

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A Good Investment for Government

Each year, hundreds of families across Bangladesh are forced to find a new place to live and a new way to earn a living. During the monsoons, rivers swell and cause devastating floods that destroy…

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Approximately 70% of women work in agriculture in low-income, food-deficit countries.

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