A billion people don't have enough to eat.

SWFF sources and accelerates innovations that enable the production of more food with less water and/or make more water available.

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Saline Vegetables – Lal Teer Seed Ltd


WASTE Stichting – Circular Economy


Drought Prediction Tool – CUT, Free State

Mozambique, South Africa, Kenya

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The Poop on Poop in India

By Priska Prasetya Uncomfortable though it might be to consider, poop—a generally accepted English word for a plentiful natural resource—can stimulate endless opportunities around the world for farmers.  Every individual on the planet—some more or…

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The Other Shark Tank: Securing Water for Food

Three decades ago, the World Wide Web was introduced, Taylor Smith was born, and the Dalai Lama won the Nobel Peace Prize. Only three decades from now, in the flutter of an eyelid, nine billion…

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The Battle Against Salt: Lal Teer On Front Line in Bangladesh

If you ask Tajwar Awal, a director at the Lal Teer Seed Limited in Bangladesh, he will tell you one of the most crucial problems facing world food production is the prevalence of salt. That’s…

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Bangladeshi Activist and NGO Practical Action Recognized for Poverty Fighting

If there were an award for collecting awards, there is a good chance Nazmul Chowdhury’s name would be affixed to the golden statue, a tribute to him and the poverty-fighting NGO Practical Action.  But the…

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In Agriculture, Innovate or Stagnate: Kenyan Entrepreneur Chooses Innovation

In modern agriculture, you innovate or stagnate. That’s why Peter Chege, CEO of Hydroponics Kenya, quickly picked up on new technology when he visited the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA) in Abu Dhabi…

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Approximately 70% of women work in agriculture in low-income, food-deficit countries.

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