Drought Prediction Tool – CUT, Free State

Obstacle Droughts remain the number one disaster in Africa; of all the people affected by all types of disasters, drought is responsible for over 88% of them.

Innovation Drought Early Warning System

Organization Type University

Country(ies) Mozambique, South Africa, Kenya

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Rain-fed agriculture accounts for over 70% of food production in the five targeted communities served by CUT, Free State. There is currently no appropriate drought-forecasting tool for small-scale farmers.

Only a few of them know about services offered by the meteorological departments. They continue to rely on their indigenous knowledge to reach critical cropping decisions. They also find the scientific terminologies used are difficult to translate to their contexts, and they have no access to the media (e.g., TV).


This drought early warning system integrates indigenous and scientific drought forecasting that uses a mobile application, a web portal, and SMS service to pool weather information through a network of sensors that monitor weather conditions for small-scale farmers in Mozambique, South Africa, and Kenya.

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Adding Value To Technology With Indigenous Knowledge with Muthoni Masinde. Transcript.