Securing Water for Food sources and accelerates innovations that enable the production of more food with less water and/or make more water available for food production, processing, and distribution.

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Sandbar Cropping – Practical Action


Mobile Weather Forecasts – Ignitia AB

Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal

Affordable Greenhouses – World Hope International

Mozambique, Sierra Leone

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Green Heat Uganda: Using Less Water to Create Cleaner, More Abundant Energy

Farmers in Uganda and in developing countries around the world are facing major energy and waste management issues. There are anaerobic digestions systems to help farmers manage agricultural waste from plants and animals, but there’s…

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RainMaker App Simplifies Drip Irrigation for Farmers

MyRain has sold drip irrigation and related products to 581 farmers (2,905 users) who have saved over 1.1 billion liters of water on over 300 hectares of land in India. Empowered by the MyRain “Rainmaker”…

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aQysta Pump Impacts Smallholder Farmers

aQysta’s Barsha pump is a low-cost, innovative solution for smallholder farmers to irrigate their fields without using any fuel or electricity. The hydro-powered pump is easily implemented anywhere there is flowing water nearby and requires…

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Ecorangers Help To Mitigate Impacts of Herding

By training cattle herders and communal herding techniques to minimize the negative impacts of climate change and alien plant invasions to wetlands and riparian zones, Conservation South Africa uses an innovative business model, Meat Naturally…

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Getting There, Even When It’s Hard: Lessons Learned from a Water-Ag Innovator

Social entrepreneurs generally have their minds set on one very important goal when they start their business: They want to create impact. But one thing we don’t all necessarily think about is how long it…

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Approximately 70% of women work in agriculture in low-income, food-deficit countries.

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