Obstacle Excessive usage of water in farming practice affects plant health and depletes limited groundwater availability.

Innovation Internet of Things Platform

Organization Type For-Profit

Country(ies) Vietnam

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MimosaTEK’s technology addresses the excessive usage of water in farming practice, which affect plant health and drains the limited groundwater. Smallholder farmers in Central Highland areas of Vietnam face severe water shortages. By early April 2016, nearly 170,000 ha of crops had been affected by the drought, of which 7,100 ha were left fallow more than 95,000 ha were deficient in irrigation.


MimosaTEK’s solution – an internet of things platform for precision agriculture in Vietnam – monitors and analyzes data on farms by sensors (to measure soil moisture, rain, wind, light) to recommend to farmers a precise irrigation schedule in real-time.

The user can further activate their irrigation system or other equipment in their greenhouses automatically via the mobile application anytime and from anywhere.