USAID’s Global Water’s Blog in the “Global Waters in Focus” Feature Series, featured the Securing Water for Food program in a recent blog post. This occasional series takes a broader and more technical look at USAID water activities that have been in place for some time to share approaches, results, and lessons learned.

Drones that provide smallholder farmers with insights on how to best allocate resources. An “internet of things” platform for precise irrigation. Low-cost energy-efficient water pumps. These are some of the many innovations taking place in the global agricultural sector that have been facilitated by the @USAID-supported #SecuringWaterforFood (SWFF) program, which since 2013 has improved water efficiency and increased food security throughout Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Read about how SWFF–supported innovators have reached a combined 6.25 million smallholder farmers, along with their families and other customers — which is more than double SWFF’s initial target of 3 million. SWFF’s work with these farmers has led to the production of nearly 5 million tons of food on more than 6.2 million hectares of land, which are under improved practices due in part to SWFF innovations.

Securing Water for Food is powered by an ambitious partnership between USAID, the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sida through the Swedish International Development Agency, and the South Africa Department of Science and Technology

Since 2013, SWFF has been exploring pathways for creating more #food with less #water, while fueling innovation in the global agricultural sector. So how are we doing? Click here to access the details.