SWFF Delivers Lessons Learned Seminar Series at USAID

The SWFF program believes that knowledge adds value and that learning should be promoted through sharing lessons learned. Over the life of the project, the SWFF TA Facility has been proactive in documenting our “doing development differently” experiences, pivots, challenges, failures, and successes.

In October 2018, we presented the first seminar in the SWFF Lessons Learned Series, led by Dr. Ku McMahan, SWFF USAID Team Lead, and delivered with the SWFF Technical Assistance Facility staff. The series featured lessons learned on gender, branding, monitoring and evaluation, acceleration, financial management, and the groundbreaking results of the program. Links to each of the sessions are provided below:

  • Hype or Groundbreaking: 5 Years of Lessons Learned (Ku McMahan and Cassy Rodriguez (October 2018) | Webinar Recording
  • Lessons Learned From the Grants & Financial Management Portfolio (Rami Khyami) (November 2018) | Webinar Recording
  • SWFF Lessons Learned Series: M&E (Ku McMahan and Saad Usmani) (December 2018) | Webinar Recording
  • Getting Acceleration Right – Lessons from Securing Water for Food (Kevan Hayes) (December 2018) | Webinar Recording
  • SWFF Performance Evaluation (Dexis Consulting) (January 2019) | Webinar Recording
  • SWFF’s Gender Experience (Ku McMahan, Donna Vincent Roa, Cassy Rodriguez, Kevan Hayes, Jatin Yadev) (February 2019) | Webinar Recording
  • Good Design is Good Business: Branding Emerging Market Enterprises (Donna Vincent Roa) (February 2019) | Webinar Recording