Innovation Communication Internship – SWFF TA Facility Seeks Senior or MA-Level PR/Journalism Intern

The Securing Water for Food Technical Assistance Facility is an enterprise incubator-accelerator that provides services to and direct involvement with the Securing Water for Food Grand Challenge innovators to improve their market-driven business development, commercial growth, and scaling in a development context. We seek a senior- or MA-level PR/journalism intern that focuses on innovation communication and social impact stories for the Spring 2017 semester.

The Position

This internship provides valuable, real-world experience in a progressive and innovative business acceleration project. The selected intern will have the opportunity to work with a dynamic team and play a role in the delivery of outputs for Securing Water for Food innovators.

As a PR/journalism and social impact communication intern at the Securing Water for Food Technical Assistance Facility, you’ll find challenges that will allow you to learn. You will work on major projects, and you will be operating with/on a highly functioning team that focuses efforts on results and execution.

This specialist PR/journalism communication position works directly with the SWFF TA Facility Chief of Party to establish relationships with industry trades and helps to manage and provide inputs into the variety of SWFF program communication channels. The intern also conducts industry research in developed and developing countries, assists with the management of communication outputs, inputs data and information into our project management tool, and creates awareness of our innovators, who operate in 30+ countries.

Applicants must have strong writing and editing skills, an interest in rapid and precise execution, a passion for the Securing Water for Food mission, and a strong interest in innovation communication, social impact journalism, and brand journalism.

Fluency in the suite of Microsoft Office products is a must, as is basic competence with modern electronic and communication technologies. We are looking for highly motivated, focused workers who are willing to take the initiative, and wear different hats as needed.

The internship is semester-long program (virtual or in-person) for students in the advanced stages of academic training, and can also be used for college credit. We seek students with a GPA 3.0 or higher with outstanding writing samples. A $900 stipend will be provided.

Submit Your Application

Submit your cover letter/email and resume to: Dr. Donna Vincent Roa, ABC, CDPM, Chief of Party and advise of your availability and proposed start and end dates.

Applications will be accepted until February 16, 2017. A decision will be made quickly for the right candidate. Our office is located at 1875 Connecticut Avenue, 10th Floor.

Visit the Securing Water for Food website to learn more about the program and the innovators that we serve.