Lilypad – Puralytics

Obstacle Man-made ponds and large diameter open tanks have chemicals and micro-organisms.

Innovation Lilypad

Organization Type For-Profit

Country(ies) Mexico

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Man-made ponds and large diameter open tanks contain chemicals and micro-organisms.

The Solution/Innovation

Puralytics has pioneered a photochemical technology for water purification. The Lilypad provides both an environmentally safe and effective water treatment solution for cleaning ponds and managing catchment areas. This reusable, floating purifier continuously destroys chemicals and micro-organisms and works in man-made ponds and large diameter open tanks.

Milestone and Achievements

Puralytics has developed a strong relationship with Driscoll’s, a berry producer in Mexico. Driscoll’s has agreed to serve as a demonstration partner to prove out the Lilypad product. Puralytics is negotiating with Hidro Industrial to be a distribution and installation partner.

During the company’s first year in Securing Water for Food, its goals included developing the value proposition for the small farmer, developing their business model, and identifying the minimum viable system that is affordable for their customers.