Project Alba

Obstacle There is often not enough water during the dry season for farmers to grow crops, and too much water during the rainy season prevents them from sowing.

Innovation Disseminating Water Management Technologies

Organization Type For-Profit

Country(ies) Cambodia

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Variations in climate and frequent water scarcity increase the vulnerability of rural households. Most farmers do not have enough water during the dry season and have too much water in the wet season. This results in both low yields and income.

The Project Alba business model addresses barriers related to both technologies and practices for efficient water use and increased yields.


The Project Alba innovation allows for rapid dissemination of water management technologies. Project Alba offers partnerships to farmers and provides technical support, inputs, and tools at no upfront cost; and buys 100% of the harvest at pre-agreed prices. In drought-affected Cambodia, farmers thus increase yields and income at reduced risks for them.

As Project Alba guarantees to buy their produce, provides technology at no upfront cost and provides the technical support to use it, farmers can adopt technology, adapt quickly to markets, and create significantly more value rapidly.