Hydroponics Africa Simplified All-Inclusive Hydroponics Services

Obstacle Water scarcity, which already affects one in three farmers, is set to increase in magnitude as the global population grows.

Innovation Simplified All-Inclusive Hydroponics Services

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Country(ies) Kenya

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Unpredictable high temperatures and water scarcity  already affects one in three farmers, an is set to increase in magnitude as the global population grows. It goes without saying that agriculture around the world consumes a large portion of the planets’ water supply. About 70% of the world’s accessible fresh water reservoir is used in Agriculture. Unfortunately, 60% of this supply is wasted in the cultivation of thirsty crops, leaky irrigation systems, and so on. A new approach in growing crops is in demand. Growing livestock feeds and seasonal type crops like fodder and tomatoes can be very challenging especially with the conventional method. Using soil as a medium promotes challenges like nutrient scarcity, climate volatility, and irrigation control.


Peter Chege Gichuku, in partnership with Kenya Climate Innovation Center, has developed the Simplified All-Inclusive Hydroponics Services. This system leverages the use of local materials to grow healthy plants automatically without user expertise. Farmers can produce maximum yields on small areas without use of soil while using 80% less water. This partnership yielded up to 5 hydroponics methods based on crop type, water availability, user, land size, climate, and culture. In the business model, farmers pay up to 20% initial investment, and monthly payments for approximately one year. For this simplified system unit to be adapted by low income farmers, mostly women, Hydroponics Africa has developed a business model where there is no financial investment for unit and installation. Farmers pay a fixed fee per month. High production and high quality is guaranteed.