Flask Wall Mushroom Growing House – University of Malawi

Obstacle In Malawi, the dry season lasts about nine months and mushroom cultivation has a limited growing season in an open air environment.

Innovation Flask Wall Mushroom Growing House

Organization Type University

Country(ies) Malawi

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The major problem faced by mushroom farmers is large demand for water for mushroom cultivation and for humidifying the growing house. The solution is to reduce the demand for the water through innovation design of the growing house so that the system shifts from an open system to a semi-closed or nearly closed system where less water is supplied in the growing house while maintaining the optimum substrate moisture and humidity level requirements for the crop.


The innovation is a “flask-wall” mushroom growing house that reduces moisture escape and enhances recycling of water through condensation. The technology sets a micro-hydrological cycle where the initial water supplied into the house re-circulates as water vapor. Excess loss to the external environment is prevented. The design greatly reduces labor requirements and watering frequency allowing growers mostly women to attend to other household chores.