SWFF Innovator Muthoni Masinde Featured in Series “When Women Do Better, Countries Do Better”

Professor Muthoni Masinde, the developer of the drought protection tool, was recently featured in USAID’s series on extraordinary women entrepreneurs, When Women Do Better, Countries Do Better

As a female scientist and entrepreneur, Dr. Masinde has overcome many obstacles on her path to success. She has been able to establish and gain international recognition for an incredible innovation that brings weather forecasts through SMS to rural farmers in Mozambique, South Africa, and Kenya.

As a supporter of girls and women in STEM, Dr. Masinde’s advice for young girls who dream of being an entrepreneur is to work harder than their male counterparts, “There is a whole world of possibilities out there for them; they should not feel sorry for being aggressive and for dreaming bigger than life itself.” She adds that women play an important role in empowering the family, the entire village, and future female entrepreneurial successes on the continent of Africa.