Securing Water for Food - 2017 Annual Report

10 Billion Liters of Water Saved: SWFF Releases 2017 Annual Report

Securing Water for Food (SWFF) released its 2017 Annual Report, highlighting the program’s successes in the last year and opportunities for growth. It documents SWFF innovators’ impact to date, major program activities and achievements, innovators’ stories of impact, challenges that the SWFF program faced, and the solutions that were developed to address those challenges.

Since its inception more than three years ago, SWFF has made significant progress toward its overall goal of producing more food with less water and making more water available for the food value chain. The program now has funded 40 innovations, with the recent addition of the Round 4 cohort.

SWFF innovators have helped save or reallocate approximately 10 billion liters of water to the food value chain, have helped produce nearly one million tons of food, and have reached more than two million farmers and other customers. More than 550,000 hectares of rangeland and cropland are under improved practices due in part to SWFF innovations. To date, innovators have leveraged SWFF funding for almost $20 million in additional funding through more than 150 partnerships and achieved more than $3.4 million in sales.

Learn more and download the 2017 Annual Report here .