Ag Innovation Showcase

SWFF at The Ag Innovation Showcase

At the Ag Innovation Showcase in St. Louis, 350 attendees from over 21 countries, including those who need funding and markets for their technologies and those with money to invest, heard thought-provoking ideas and saw evidence of technologies that have the potential to address and improve the world‘s food system.

Described as “Silicon Valley meets Green Acres”

Described as “Silicon Valley meets Green Acres,” the event 1) stimulated industry-changing dialogue around macrogenomics and global supply chain transparency and traceability; 2) Explored the fear, sentiments and science behind genetically modified organisms; and 3) Elevated communication, advocacy and messaging as key components of product roll outs and the improved uptake of technology by smallholder farmers.

SWFF Team Lead Highlights USAID’s Role in Supporting Science, Technology and Innovation

Organized in partnership with the USAID Global Development Lab, Omnivore Partners, Feed the Future, and Larta Institute, the session also included a keynote by Dr. Ku McMahan, Team Lead, Securing Water for Food. He highlighted USAID‘s role in supporting science, technology and innovation and detailed the Agency‘s efforts in developing markets, sustainable strategies, access to capital and partnerships.

Other agtech startups and entrepreneurs in the special session presentation line-up included: Surehatch, South Africa; SunDanzer Refrigeration, United States; Earth Institute at Columbia University, United States; Skymet Weather, India; Barrix Agro Sciences, India Stellapps, India; MKA Hatchery, Bangladesh. Securing Water for Food Technical Assistance Facility Chief of Party, Dr. Donna Vincent Roa, and Dr. Ryan Shelby, Energy Engineering Advisor, Office of Energy and Infrastructure also attended the event.

SWFF Connects with Investment Partners and Service Providers

Both the SWFF innovators and the SWFF team identified several strategic and/or investment partners and potential pro bono service providers for the program and benefited from the opportunity to connect with corporate leaders, investors and venture capitalists, and other organizations concerned with the profound global challenges facing agriculture productivity and sustainability.

Ag Innovation Showcase by SWFF TA Facility on Exposure