SWFF Innovator ICU – Peru Publishes Project Video

Securing Water for Food Innovator ICU – Peru supports small and medium-sized agricultural producers with an Irrigation Scheduling System that gives real-time information through smartphones and tablets on how to irrigate fields. The technology – simple weather stations and soil moisture sensors – uploads information to the cloud that guides farmers and producers to more efficiently use water when irrigating their fields.

The video, which is in Spanish with subtitles, shows how the system works, explains ICU – Peru’s participation in the Securing Water for Food program, and visually illustrates how the organization has transformed food and agriculture production in the arid zones in Peru.

Farmers are able to grow higher quality plants using less water and experience an improved economy from their outputs, many of which are exported into international markets.

After three years, ICU – Peru has been able to help 6,500 producers operating in a total area of approximately 12,500 hectares with 19 million cubic meters of water savings, making it one of the most successful Securing Water for Food project’s worldwide.