Dexis Hosts Webinar Discussing SWFF Performance Evaluation

On January 31st, Dexis Consulting Group hosted a webinar communicating their findings from phase I of their Performance Evaluation of SWFF.

The Performance Evaluation, originally released in November 2018, sought to determine the extent to which SWFF has contributed to the expected outcomes and results achieved by innovators across the portfolio during project implementation.

SWFF has great relevance, is effectively run, has effective oversight, is efficiently set up, and is making significant impact.

Dexis conducted a comprehensive study of 21 of the 40 SWFF innovations in 7 countries. The study primarily focused on five categories: (1) relevance, (2) effectiveness, (3) efficiency, (4) impact, and (5) sustainability.

Findings concluded that SWFF has great relevance, is effectively run, has effective oversight, is efficiently set up, is making significant impact, and is progressively moving toward greater sustainability, both with respect to climate change and to gender inclusion.

With respect to impact, the results were particularly encouraging and conclusive. Findings indicate that SWFF strongly contributed to outcomes: analysis of surveys find (90%) of beneficiaries have improved access to water and (95%) water efficiency directly due to SWFF’s innovations.

The Dexis evaluation illuminates both successes and areas of improvement of SWFF and the SWFF TA Facility. Some proposed shifts included expanding engagement in the southern hemisphere; exploring greater low-interest, locally available micro-financing; and seeking to bridge the gender divide through greater integration of women in innovation. These finding will be invaluable as SWFF seeks to pivot, transform, and expand its reach moving forward.

When asked how SWFF innovators regard the SWFF TA Facility during the webinar, a Dexis representative answered, “The overwhelming response in those interviews was that the TAF was very helpful in providing that support, and that they wouldn’t be where they are today without that.”

Armed with the insights produced by this evaluation, the SWFF TA Facility stands better equipped to navigate the opportunities and challenges of providing state-of-the-art support to innovators moving forward.


Listen to the webinar here.
Download the Final Performance Evaluation here.